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Unique 4+3 harness

Well, got this in yesterday. Very late and frustrated to put a review up last night.
It is very nice. It looks durable, looks great. It has a very snug fit. I love how they have all that velcro where there is like 4 things you velcro. Now I know this won't come off during a game. It is much smaller than my Ronin 6+1 which sticks out on the sides practically giving you armrests. Now I can hold 1 more pod than usual (7 pods). It also is very quick for reloading. Just pull the velcro strap down and pull the pod which is sorta pushed into your hand. For people like me that like to keep my pods because I don't play speed, it is not too difficult to shove the pod back into it. The +3 pod holders are very tight and hard to get the pod in. I don't think i will use these much because I don't want to spend time trying to get something into a tight elastic hole that i can't see during a game. Can't really see the actual pack from the front view, which is good for tight play. I can't wait to get on the playing field with this and my jersey and pants.

95/100 I can't say it is the best out there, because I haven't tried everything but it is very nice for a person like me.

Here is a pic of what it is sorta like.
I received quick shipping because i understand they couldn't ship it to me during the holidays. UPS was very quick. They got it from Illinois down to Texas in 2 days. That is much better than USPS.

Finally got to use it in a game. It was great. I didn't really notice it during play. It didn't move around a lot so it worked great with running and sliding. The pod holders inbetween the velcro slots were extremely hard to use. The elastic was holding the pods a little too much. Also, it is basically impossible to get the pods back into the elastic pod holders using one hand. I guess in speedball, I wouldn't have to worry about putting the pods back in, but I don't feel like dropping my pods in a scenario event.

Looks/sounds like a nice pack. I've been trying to find a nice 3-4 pod pack to start using. Might check these out.

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