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Urban Camo freeflow body

When I use the flash it makes the silver stand out alot.

I traded my 20th Anniversatry tippmann that I won in a tourny for this (I traded it back to the people I won it from).
Its 1 of 1, the only other urban camo one being gloss. Its sort of a factory anno, because headrush bought pro paintball's (freeflow) inventory, and they anno'd 2 bodies this color as a prototype.
g36 monkey

so are you actually going to use it or sell it?

I am going to be making it into a pump. I have a Freeflow Slider frame on the way. I am going to get Extreme Rage roller sear and trigger plate (they are uber smooth). Also, A CCM Pump kit w/ a smoke handle is coming for chirstmas. I found some of those snow camo grenade grips by hybrid that I will hopefully be getting. I have stock WGP internals for the moment, but I may be getting some CCM ones. CCM feedneck, and sidewinder reg will top it off.

Then it will be on the selling block (maybe)

Looks pretty sweet. You should be able to get a pretty penny out of it.

Looks good. Can't wait to see it up and running.
g36 monkey

agrees with robo.

sounds like itll be awesome.

i was about to say rip, but no, it doesnt sound like itll rip Laughing
super accurate, pumpness Rambo

Oh it will rip alright...

I just can't decide,

I am getting a CCM pump kit (~65) and there is an 86' trigger frame made by CCM which is around the same price. So I could get both, and pay around 130.
Or, I could get a CCM Autotrigger kit (CCM pump kit, 86' Frame, Autotrigger cam). The Autotriggre kit makes it so you can hold the trigger and pump, and it will shoot. This would be ~170.

So which should I do?

I wouldnt worry about the Autotrigger kit. I've only ever used autotrigger once and that was at the end of a game and I charged a kid behind a bunker.

ok, I prolly won't get it. I minus well just stick with my slider, and if I ever want to I could get hte 86' Frame, although I won't be able to have sick grips on it. O well.

hopefully I will be done with thsi gun a few weeks after christmas, and I will have a few more weeks to tune it.

Hopefully I am getting a Chrono

So I got my Freeflow slider frame and my ASA. THey look AMAZING on my cocker. I stole some parts from my other cocker, so I made a mock up w/ my CP reg. I will prolly get pics soon.

The main point of this post...

My dad bought me a CCM pump kit w/ smoke handle. I think I am also getting a sidewinder reg, Urban camo grenadegrips, and a CCM feedneck. Well maybe not all of it, but most of it hopefully.


sinisterNorth wrote:
I wouldnt worry about the Autotrigger kit. I've only ever used autotrigger once and that was at the end of a game and I charged a kid behind a bunker.

Plus they're wicked expensive.

ACtually, half the reason I wanted one in the first place was because you can put in a crazily light main spring, and put a barrel bag on the barrel (preferably a short barre) and maybe put a sock or something in the barrel. The blowback from teh air will push the bolt back, and activate the autotrigger (you have to be holding the trigger of course). Then, one the trigger is activated, the gun shoots again, and it happens again and again. Its like your pump has a burst mode.

It would just be fun to show noobs lol.

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