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Night Hawk

User Groups

I NIGHT HAWK here announce that I as well as the other user group moderators will be potrolling the User Group part of the forum.

Any bad language,or inappropriate comment made in a post will be deleted and a message will be sent to the admins.

Please respect the User Group forum just as you whould the rest of

IF there are any questions please PM me or the other moderators


In charge In charge
You Wont See Me

I would also like to add that in order to view the usergroup forums, you must first join a usergroup. This can be done by clicking the link to the usergroups at the top of the page and request to join it. Then after the usergroup moderator accepts your request, you will have access to that forum. You may be part of more than 1 usergroup. Join as many as apply to you.

Signed. Officially on Troll Patrol in the Senario Section.

Fixed by Smitty. Tounge

Refixed by Psyrecx Tounge Troll has 2 ''L''s

I suppose all thats needed to be said has been said... were here to keep it clean Safe Sex (<---woot)...

king K

Rep'n de all ballaz... Salut

200 post... Cheers

how do u join the usergroups?


Paintball Forum

look for the "user groups" scroll through the groups, and click join if you'd like to join.

king K

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