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vid of my friends ion

So my friend picked up an ion, tank and cash for his a4 fly cause he needed money for a tourny. We decided to take a vid of that and my cocker, but my eyes were screwy on my cocker, so it is slow (only 11 bps, i will get a good video this weekend)

here is the vid, enjoy

Is he your chinese friend? Very Happy

Not too bad. Needs a qev with the blackheart. Also a must is a new feedneck and trigger, but you already know that.

he is indian. we was just planning on getting rid of this gun as soon as he got it, so he didn't feel like upping it at all. with the stock feedneck, Halo's work fine, and the trigger was modded by the guy he got the gun from so it is extremely sloppy, but kinda nice feeling

Did he paint that trigger frame white or did he just sand the powder coat off and make it silver?

the person that owned the gun beore him sanded the paint off

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