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Wednesday 4/28? paintball report

since no one put on up this week, thought i would.
this weekend= 2 days of paintball. first was reffing for a bachelor party. They would go out to thier cars and drink alot, and some were smoking some weed insanely hard to ref them.
next day was awsome. there is this cocky guy that no one likes that was there. I gogged him and my friend gogged him. used my friend's ego and love it. it was the first time i have actually played in forever. i tested out my mini hopper and 12 gram changer on my pump (both worked great, but my pump was shooting to slow to play). it was a greaat day of pb

also bought an 04 speed. i am going to ace it ghetto style (only with e2 eye covers). the guy said he shipped it, but i am still waiting for a tracking number

I have come to believe that God himself has decreed I shall never play paintball again.

The field I play at hosts three scenario games a year. Last season I missed all three because they fell on Saturdays I had to work. Bad luck I thought, but this year that wasn't going to be a problem since I'm not working Saturdays right now.

So the day arrives, the weather is good and I should be off to play... unfortunately what I thought was just a cold turned out to be some sort of respiratory infection and when I awoke Saturday morning it was instantly clear I wasn't playing paintball. I haven't been that sick since I was a kid. I never knew a person could generate that much phlegm...just yuck.

So now I wait for August, and the second scenario of the season... of course that day we'll probably be having a hurricane.
g36 monkey

well i had an awesome weekend....on saturday i reffed and got to shoot a dm6....that thing was sweet, it started to rain and everyone left....except for some spyder kids...and my friend was gonna let me use his dm5 to play one game but everyone im like begging anyone to play just one game with me before they left...finally this rental kid did....and i felt so bad....dm5 vs. some kid whos not good and a rental. He stayed in the same place the whole time and i went and just got him in the hopper because i was moving he didnt know where i was.

SUnday i played with my semi pro friend....and we did some one on ones in the speedball field....i got lit up so bad Laughing
i got to use some guys viking he just got before he did....i was usin my a-5 and he said "if you were usin my viking that whole bunker would be pink by now"
i said "if only i could"....when the game was over i walked off the field and he handed it to me and said...."let 'er rip", that thing was crazy awesome and had custom milling so it looked like a timmy and was really light....i had to play one hopper games because i woulda used too much money on paint....but yea it was pretty awesome....
sorry i didnt make the monday one....i thought justice would Confused

No play for me....

I was going to play, but they it rained ALL weekend long. Sucked.
Playing this weekend.
And Playing a tourny next weekend.

Shall be fun.

And I might have a new gun as soon as I decide which one I want.

No play.

I went to the mall and got a new board and wheels for skating. I had bought these really nice bearings that I bought a while back and just put them in. Some of you might know what I am talking about. They are the bones redz. I put them in my brand new bones wheels and those things were smooth. They got me up my ramp with barely any energy. The new board is also lighter so tricks should be easier once I learn some.

i loev bones reds, but u can get bones swiss for soo cheap at some palecs
check out for some real good deals, it is insane

I don't trust anythingxtreme, but someday I will probably get some swiss. The thing I love about bones are that they are super fast from the start. If you spin the wheel, they will spin for a long time.

um... i played on the 15th... but there hasn't been a thread since then...

finally took the NDFS out to the field and shot it. it was shooting a bit slow, but i just adjusted the reg and it was shooting +/- 3. in the morning it was only a handful of people there... mostly people that worked there or have been playing every weekend... so mostly D3 players. i usually hold my own against em but i hadn't played in 3-4 months. so i got shot up. didn't help that they didn't have air ball up.

by the afternoon lots more people showed up... wide range of skill levels. so i actually could move and shoot people. some people from my old college showed up. lit em up. one game i was on the tape shooting down it at Paul, went to my old college... kind of a douche, my friend marcus bumps up to paul's mirror which is in front of me. he left his pack/back hanging out so i immediately go into tournament mode cause i'm usually his backman. i'm yelling at him to get his back in when paul decides to try to bunker him. now... i'm still posted on the tape... needless to say he got about 6 on his chest and marcus spun on him and put about 4 on him. maybe paul won't try that next time :-p

basically the day was an alright trip... the fs worked great all day and the effeciency wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

plus my birthday was on the 16th so i bought a bunch of new things... pics when it's all here.

I did not play.....

no play... but sunday is a definite yes!
You Wont See Me

No play for ahwile, I've been working everyday of every weekend for quite some time.

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