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Well we started stick welding in shop today. It was the first time I've ever welded........Yeah I know. Anyway I loved it, but I realized very quickly that I suck at welding. I know it's just because I just started, but does anyone (everyone knows this is mainly directed towards tig Tounge ) have any tips for me?

Pratice a lot?

TriggerHappy1 wrote:
Pratice a lot?

yep yep^^

what rod are you using? what size rod? what machine? what amperage? what polarity? i need more info before i can help you out!
You Wont See Me

Close your eyes and be the flame.

I MIG welded a structure to support a 150 pound bending brake on Saturday.

Good times. Never TIGd before.

Uhm..I've never welded before, so I cant really help you out. I was gonna say practice in shop as much as you can. Watch how people who know what they're doing do, and learn from them. Ask a lot of questions to you shop teacher.
Roll Tide

You should've just PMed Tig... he knows more than all of us combined.

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