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what should i get?

so i put up my cocker w/ a pump converion on pbnation just to see what i could get

i got offered a psp w/ an ipod money
and a freak kit w/ stainless steal backs plus cash (probably around 80-100)

i am really stumped here....

edit- i also got offered a pmi 72/45 stubby and cash
<Added by Smitty>

1st post! so anyway, is the psp or ipod or both used heavily? u should check to see their conditions and that way u can sell em and get more money (if of course u plan on sellin em)

you cant buy ipod minis anymore.I have one. But you cant buy um i dont think Thinking


Whats the Freak Kit for?

I'd go for that or the Stubby + $$.

the freak kit is for my cocker
g36 monkey

but didnt you just sel it Thinking
I say the stubby....just me

i have a pump cocker and i am building a cocker that i will unviel in a little bit (hopefully a week or two)

i could also get a blind trix if i added 50, but i have no money

if anyone wants to make a donation, or buy anything from me, i would be more than happy to sell whatever it may be

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