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You Wont See Me

What to do

Well as many of you know I won a $100 gift certificate to County paintball. When I first got i I was like wow I don't really have much I need but after looking around county I came up with 2 choices I could go with. I play most woods and my setup is a follows...

Current setup:
DOP X-Core
Lapco Bigshot 14"
Blade Double trigger

Choice #1
    JCS Dual Trigger(money coming out of my pocket)

Problem with this is I already have a R/T and a double trig, but then again I have a tournament coming up in Feb I might participate in and wouldn't be able to use the R/T


Choice #2
    Dead On Bullet Pro Drop forward
    Dead On universal adapter
    shorter length hose
    Ricochet R-5 Loader

That Leaves me with $15 to spare. I was thinking maybe a Anti-siphon for my tank and a few O-rings?

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm leaning a little twards the E-grip but im not completly sold on it yet.

e grips are awsome, they would be even better with that trigger. i'd say go for it. you don't need the drop and stuff, though the anitsipho kit would be nice (but they are only a few bucks)

Egrip and JCS trigger they are a kick ass combination

Definatly go with #1, I could walk a Duel w/egrip so well.

I'm with the others, go with choice one. Egrips + dual triggers = awesome. Got to test shoot one at the local field.
You Wont See Me

i'll probably go witht he E-grip/dual combo then sell my R/T.

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