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Which album?

So, Tuesday I'm heading out top the mall. I plan on picking up the new Halo multiplayer map pack and a new CD. Unfortunately, 2 of my favorite bands have a new album out. Dropkick Murphys(Warrior's Code) and Foo Fighters(In Your Honor). Just thought I'd get some help. Thanks.

Iv heard some Dropkick Murphy's before. Its not bad. Dont really like the Foo Fighters compared to them.

Pick up Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother and youll understand my avatar.

I don't buy CDs anymore. Anyway, I don't know. Maybe Foo Fighters?

I'm leaning more towards Foo Fighters, but wanted to see if the DKM album was any good.

I don't really like DKM, so I say Foo Fighters.

I dont really know either bands TOO well.
My sis has the foo fighters CD, She loves it, I hate it.

I heard one of Dropkicks song, kinda liked it.

anything rammstein, thats what i say to get.

I know neither of the bands..., but I would just get the maps for free off live... if that won't work save it from your friend Xbox to yours with a memory thing...

They're not free until the end of August and we play huge LAN parties almost every other weekend.

I think I'll be going with the Foo Fighters..

If you like the Foo Fighters, then you'll like In Your Honor. It's a pretty cool CD, actually two CDs. It has some of their hardest songs yet (the title song is awesome) and a CD of acoustic stuff that is also pretty cool.

Two CDs? Awesome..

I like the new one from Foo Fighters.

So I went today only to be disappointed. I get to the mall, head in to the Game store. They're not releasing the map pack till Thurs. Great. I heas over to the music store, go find the Foo Fighters, and to my suprise, they dont have the new album. So my trip to the mall was a waste BUT I did get an amazing pretzel from Annies..

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