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g36 monkey

Woo Hoo!

Going to play again today.

A big scenario over in New Smyrna.

hows everyone?

I should be playing some speed nightball tonght as long as it doesn't rain. The field won't let us play on the night fields if it rains because the grass is said to be like a golf course.
g36 monkey

hope you got to play

today was freakin sweet

we dominated (like the past 2 times)

i have alot of welts.

i got into some good gunfights though.

it was awesome

I went and played. I was out in some of my old Vans on the first game. I slipped right off the break. Next game I definately put my cleats on. After I got my cleats on, I felt more comfortable. I stayed in most of the games without getting out while doing some damage. The ion did exceptionally well and the Pipe had ball on ball accuracy the whole time. I could aim into a small corner and it would go right there. I played with all the top players the whole night. It was a lot of fun. Best part of the night, my friend invited me to do some team practices with them and to sub one of their guys in tournaments if they ever need a guy. They do tournaments pretty often so I'll be able to go and watch how everything goes.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming year.
g36 monkey

playing with a team is definitely an experience.

i think its alot better actually.

my team has been playing together for years and we just now decided to get organized and make an actual team.

its pretty awesome, we work really well together.

and cleats save lives Rambo

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