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Woot *installed*

So all my christmas presents are finally on their way. My shifter knob and mudflaps are in the mail and they should be in tomorrow. My short shifter also was just put into the mail. I can't wait for this stuff. Finally, no more gear grinding because shifts are too long and I do them too quick.
I'll post picks of before and after.
g36 monkey

acura ripped my teacher off, he bought an aftermarket short shifter, and i forgot exactly what happened, but he had to take it in.

and they charged him $900 to put in the stock shifter.

they blamed the problem on the shifter, when it was the cars transmission.

car companies tick me off ha.

but yea, youll be quite the little rice racer when you get all that.
what kind of knob?

lol. Short shifters don't hurt the transmission.
I got this knob.
I love how it feels already. Much better grip compared to stock. I think the short shifter might come in today.
Online it says:
Status: Arrival at Unit
Your item arrived at 7:11 AM on January 5, 2008 in DALLAS, TX 75208.

So hopefully it comes in today. Otherwise I won't get it till monday and that means I won't have the time to install it till next weekend.

Edit: Woot! My SS is in! Now I just need to go wash my car and install the mudflaps and SS.

I'm beginning to think installing this short shifter is near to impossible. I'm out of energy. I got the first hard part done, which took me a good 30-60minutes. Now I'm on the last hard part and I just don't have the strength to pry this one part up. Hopefully my brother gets home soon so he can pry it up.

After some yelling and sweating and tons of frustration, I finally finished installing my short shifter. I hope I never have to do it again because me fingers are beat up now because of the stupid shifter cage.

Here is 1st gear with the stock shifter.


And now the new short shifter and new knob!
Shifting from 1st to 2nd is odd right now. It feels like I'm switching into neutral. The short shifter has a 2 inch drop from stock height and is advertised at 50% throw reduction which is about as much as you can possibly get out of the stock shifter cage and this one is the only SS that gets up to 50% reduction.
1st gear


You did get the naked lady mudflaps now didn't you?   Wink

lol. No. Just some plain black plastic flaps. I got a set of these.
They look good if you notice them on my car. I just don't feel like taking pics because I got too loazy after putting the SS in.
g36 monkey

that shifter is sexy

hopefully it works nicely for you
after all that hard work lol

I drove around with it today. It makes a load of difference. Shifts are so much faster and smoother. Less time off of the gas makes for better gear changes. It definately gives the car a sportier feel. If any of you have a car like mine and want a better feel, I definately suggest one of these. Not bad for about $95 with new knob.
g36 monkey

i dont even know how to drive stick  Laughing

im tryin to get a little truck though, so i can learn.
i think i would like it alot.

g36 monkey wrote:
i dont even know how to drive stick  Laughing

im tryin to get a little truck though, so i can learn.
i think i would like it alot.

heh, me neither. My dad's audi is our only manual car, which he won't let me drive. I usually drive our old van, my sister gets teh corolla, and my mom just got a new volvo. All automatic.
g36 monkey

vans are always pretty sweet haha

load up you and seven of your greatest friends and have a good time  Cheers

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