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Played today. Had a lot of fun. My friend called me up and said this guy rents some bunkers (i think he bought them) but he was holding a little get together which he is trying to do every weekend now. I paid $15 for the day. The bunkers were the cheaper kind, but they worked. He said he is trying to get some more bunkers and a snake hopefully. The field was extremely small but it worked for the 10 of us there. We had a lot of fun though.

Everyone was crowding around me because i am the only person that has all the nice gear. I was basically the pro. I had to conserve the whole day because I only had 3k psi left in the tank and they only had co2 refills. The last game my friend told me i can unleash this game because it's the last one. Let's just say I rolled everyone. I just kept shooting and I accidently bonusballed  a few guys. It's funny when they try to run across the field form one side to the other because I just rolled them over. After that game i had like 300 psi left so I just shot air and it was all gone in no time. I was glad i made it last all day.

Definately good for me to play after over a year of not playing.
g36 monkey

hopefully december 20th ill be out to play too.

I want a nice story like this too   Rambo

I should have a thread up in here shortly about a little project Im toying with right now, keep yall posted

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