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What's some good music to lift to? I'd perfer it not have a lot of cursing, because I lift with my 12 year old brother most of the time. I can get it edited too though I guess. Tell me if I'll have to edit it, and I mainly lift to Rock.
Roll Tide

g36 monkey

sometimes rap is fun to workout to, there are some good songs that can get you worked up and get adrenaline real big by mannie fresh...i have 3 versions of the would definitely not want that one with your brother...then there is edited...then you have the instrumental Laughing
weve used taking back sunday before but those songs make me reminesce and bring back things to get adrenaline pumping....if there are any songs that you listened to when you were mad those should get you fired up to lift good with.
break stuff by limp bizkit or rollin are both good songs but again...your brother will be there.
Slipknot is good....we listen to about anything as long as its pretty upbeat...we also found this mario bass tester i downloaded is fun for when your breaking. just type in
mario bass tester
as your search and it should come up on limewire....its great.
hope i helped Confused

I don't work out. But if I did it would depend.

If I was pushing my limits and suck I'd listen to some hardcore. If I was just on a treadmill or something I'd chill with some Phish or some Yonder Mountain String Band.

Rap. Its the only thing I listen too when working out.

Anyone have any specific songs?

Punk Rock

Raps good for that. Id also suggest some punk or hardcore to get you stoked.
g36 monkey

i gave some speicific songs Confused

im sorry but please dont ever say slipknot is good to me again. i just like the drummer and thats it. perhaps you can find... KoRn songs that are edited? they would probably work

Meh..although I love Korn, I have a hard time lifting to it. I mainly lift to rock and rap. Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Mudvayne, Ludacris, 50 Cent, etc.....all of which you would have to get edited.
g36 monkey

you wouldnt have to get the new disturbed cd edited, they only curse in like 2 songs and dont even drop the f-bomb

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