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World Cup

So, just wondering if anyone else is following the Wolrd Cup. US has no chance (not that they ever did) after losing to czech 3-0.
I think Portugal is gunna win it, unless they play like they did against angola.

I've been waiting 4 years for it..

The US is a huge disappointment and they're gonna lose to Italy. Spain dominated Ukraine today making the US look a little better(US lost 3-0, Ukraine lost 4-0).

Germany and Brazil look good as always, and England should come around after a disappointing win(1-0).

I'm going with Italy or England to take the Cup. Dont get me wrong, I love Brazil, but they're always good...
Roll Tide

Germany. It's in Germany, so why not?
You Wont See Me

I haven't watched a game yet, but if i had to root for someone it'd be germany.

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