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Yay for little brothers! **Edited with a better sound qualit

So for those of you who remember the SCREAMER in this thread: [url] amp;KW=screamer[/url]

A video of a dad showing it to his kid was posted in the regs section today, which inspired me to do it to my little brother.

Please excuse the quality/clicking noise, as this video was taken on my 3.2 digital camera, which is partly broken.

Anyways, enjoy.

*as some of you may have noticed, the sound was WAY off on the video, so i rehosted it with googlevideo, and the sound is in sync now. enoy*

hahah. u evil man u... love his face whenhe puts his hands on his head aaargh

Awesome! Tounge I sowed my brother, and I'm like, "You're luuuuucky I don't do that to you." /evil laugh. Anyway, there is a nice one on the right thing too.(I don't know how to explain it)

Haha, very nice.
You Wont See Me

Heh, my brother had the exact same reaction.

There is another one where the kid starts crying.

ahahahahaha wow
that made my life

omg wow both of thse are frikin hilarious

EDIT: w00t 200 posts!!!

ahh my sides hurt. Watched them with the sound off and still laughed.

im so friigin glad my parents dont do that to me... and that kid crying... AWESOME!!!! Cheers


I watched the vid and then did the maze. It made my stomach jump. I was expecting it after I touched the finish of the level.

That vid of the kid was really funny. Priceless footage.

made the sound in sync, enjoy.

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