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'Tis my 18th birthday today Very Happy

I got some money for a guitar, but my mom says I have to wait until I finish my college applications before I buy it, but I plan on convincing her to let me get it now.

I also got some other small things, the new Coheed and Cambria live DVD.

sweet. you should go vote on tuesday

Awesome. Happy Birthday!
g36 monkey

yay for birthdays.
do anything particularly special, seeing as how your an adult now.
You Wont See Me

Happy birthday Safe Sex

Happy belated Birthday!!

Haha, thanks everybody.

And update about the guitar, I just need to send in my early applications this week, so I'll have my guitar by next week or so, Thanksgiving weekend by the latest Very Happy
it's the Payne!!!

sorry that i'm late...but HAPPY BIRTHDAY dude Cheers

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