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Yet another one of my dumb ideas....

So, being bored again, I've decided to take a BKO and make it mech. A BKO is FASOR (forward air spring return), so the noid has 1 input, 1 output, and 1 vent, so thats what I would be using in the valve. I am planning on using this
It has a 2 oz pull (~55 grams) with 100 psi going into it (which is about what I'd be using). The only problem that arises with having the trigger push the end of the lever is that it would make for a fairly long pull.

So, to make this work with the gun, I am going to take off the noid and the manifold (duh...), and tap the air holes with 10/32 threads for barbs. The valve will sit in the frame, but this is where I am stumped. I can't think of a good way to secure the valve in there. The BKO frames have nothing to them ( and ), which poses a problem with mounting the valve. Any suggestions? There are 2 holes in the back of the valve meant for mounting it, but there is no real good way of doing it, unless I made a "bridge" from one side of the frame to the other. I was also thinking about fabricating a mount, since I have full access to a CNC machine and a Bridgeport mill. Anyone have any better ideas?

I was also thinking of using this valve instead
It will be easier to mount, but won't be as light of a pull. To mount that, I would just drill a hole all the way through the frame (from the guard). I could then tap the hole, and just screw in the 3 way. Its been done before, so I know its possible (on a mag at least).

I will update the thead as I get parts. I really was just bored, felt like posting, and wanted some input.

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