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yo guys!

ahh iv been so busy this summer, im going to try and find more time for here!

whats been going on?
-side jobs for cash (lawns, building decks, but not much)
-my girlfriend. yea im sure you know how much time/money they cost, but its worth it
-urban exploring. my warehouse is going to be demolished this year Not cool byberry mental asylum is almost gone Not cool looking into a new hopsital/school/sewer tunnels to see
-vacations. been on a few, outer banks NC was the biggest
-friends. new adventure everyday pretty much. im not home often
-crazzzzy weather and such
-partying and staying up all night
-tagging for fun
-"exploring" golf courses at night ^pirate^'s

no paintball in the longest time, but a new place is being built about a mile away. gonna try to get out this weekend.

yeah so my summers going pretty great. hows everyone else doing?
You Wont See Me

Work, football

Just got back from a night scenario game. Otherwise, everything has been sameo sameo.

Laid back for the most part.

I've had a lot of basketball camps and been spending time with my girlfriend. I've been doing little jobs around the house to mak some money. I'm also visiting some colleges(Penn State Behrend, Clarion, and Pitt). I'm goin to a Pirates game the 28th.

Other than that, it's been kinda slow...

It is so god damn hot here right now, I don't even go outside anymore. It was 113 degrees today, humidity in the thirties. All I can really do is hope the power doesn't go out.
You Wont See Me

78 yesterday, 83 today

We did have a week of 105+ last week though. The heat does end. Very Happy

Yeah, weather here has been pretty crazy. Not sure how hot its been, im used to it, but we got a few bad storms

my yard Smile

o thats not to bad....

my grandparents had people cut down thioer dead tree. the people screwed up and it fell into thier house Cheers those pics reminded me

Ive been working as a camp counselour at the YMCA. Its actually pretty fun...i get free chick fil a on tuesdays and thursdays.

You Wont See Me wrote:
Work, football

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