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Before, during, and after conducting your business...

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 6:05 am    Post subject: Before, during, and after conducting your business...  Reply with quote

How to go about trading...

1. DON'T send first!!!!!!! For the love of God, if you don't know the person you're dealing with, why would you send anything to them before you get anything? If you are the seller, you should ALWAYS get paid first. No exceptions. If you are the buyer, make sure you know who you are dealing with before you pay. Even then, use Paypal since you have a chance to get some money back if the deal goes awry. If you are trading, use a 3rd party service. Why would you send first or agree to send simultaneously if you don't know the other person? You are asking to get burned. Just use an established 3rd party trading service and avoid the problems. There are a couple of 3rd party services listed farther down in this thread.

2. This may sound bad, but try to avoid dealing with young kids if you are buying or trading. I know that there are many kids that are reputable and mature, but the purpose here is to help you avoid the major risks involved with online transactions. Some clues to help you identify young kids online:
A. Doesn't capitalize proper nouns.
B. Uses ur instead of you're or your, says rents instead of
parents, uses horrible grammar and poor spelling, etc.
C. Talks about their school work and teachers

3. Avoid international transactions. This is especially true when dealing with people outside of North America. You have far fewer recourse options when dealing with people outside of the U.S.

4. If someone offers to give you a $5,000+ check for your gun, and then says someone will pick up the gun and and remainder of the cash, say NO, this is a classic scam.
5. Check feedback. Not just here, but also on sites like,, Ebay, and other paintball sites. I know that it is possible to fake feedback, but it is still worth your time to check it out before your transaction. I mean, you are probably dealing with a fair amount of money here, so take five minutes and do some homework.

6. Be very suspicious of people who are new to the site you found them on. If someone with 3 posts offers to sell you their new in the box DM4, don't just blindly leap into it. Try to get some information on them from other sources. Have them send first. Use a 3rd party service. Just be careful.

7. If you have only one marker, and you want to trade it, make sure the person you are trading with is reputable and that you proceed carefully. I say this because, this is your only marker, and, if you get scammed, you might be out of paintball unless you can afford a new marker. When you are dealing with your paintball future, don't rush into something and cost yourself this great sport.

8. When you are at a field or tournament, please, please, please, don't leave your equipment unattended. This is begging some punk to grab your gear and run. Anyone who leaves their Timmy laying on table at their local field to go to the can or get a soda should be slapped repeatedly. Have a friend you trust watch your stuff, put your stuff in your car, lock it up, something, anything, to prevent it from being stolen. Take the extra couple of minutes to protect your gear.

9. Insist on pictures of any marker you are thinking of buying or trading for. If the person doesn't have the marker, getting pictures will be difficult. Plus, you may be able to see any damage that exists on the marker.

10. When shipping your gear anywhere, always have it insured, use a reputable mail carrier, and get a tracking number. Plus, get some form of delivery confirmation. Make the other person sign for it. That way, they can't claim it didn't show up, or that they never got it. If something is lost in the mail, the insurance you paid a few bucks for will cover your loss and allow you to replace your gear.

11. This doesn't have to do with scams, but its important nonetheless: If you are traveling with your gear via airplane, make sure you check the individual airline's policy regarding the transportation of HPA and CO2 tanks. If the airline company doesn't allow the tanks to be transported on their planes (ATA), and you show up with your tank; be prepared to have your tank confiscated. You may not get it back, ever.

12. Finally, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is. New Xmags for $500 don't exist, neither do DM4's for $400. No one will actually trade their new Naughty Dogs Intimidator for your used Autococker straight up.

13. Make sure you send your gear to an actual residence, not a rented mail box. If you get scammed, it will be easier to get your stuff back if you have the address of a real residence to give to the police.

14. COD can be a great idea. Just another way to ensure that the gear actually got to where it was supposed to be.

15. If something bad does happen, don't be afraid to call the police in your town and theirs. File a mail fraud complaint. Call the Postmaster General. Call the FBI. Do something. You can get your gear back. It may take awhile, but there are people with authority who do care about things like this.

16. Record the serial numbers, color, and any identifying marks of all gear that you sell. It will help the police if something goes bad. It will also make your stuff easier to spot.

17. If something is stolen/ripped off, check Ebay for it. Ebay has become a practical black market for paintball markers and other various items.

18. Use a traceable form of payment. Don't use Western Union. A money order is a better idea. A cashier's check is a better idea. NO WESTERN UNION PAYMENTS!

Preventing theft...

1. Don't be afraid to check the user out. Ask him or her, point blank questions. See if they will give you a e-mail, phone number and street address.

2. Use thier addresses to check up on them. E-mail them, send the a letter ect. If they give you a phone number call them ask them questions. Where did they get the equiptment, how long have they had it, what shape is it in ect.

3. Have a freind call them to ask the same questions. Compare answers. Due they match?

4. Don't send any money thru the mail. I would even question a money order. ( You can track these but its not the easiest thing to get the banks to do.) If you use a money order pay the extra and get it from a bank not a local Dairy Mart.

5. Ask them to except PAYPAL. This will help you in the event of a scam.

6. Ask for references. I legit seller will not mind being asked this question. They know you are worried about the transaction.

7. Request a serial number if you are buying a gun. You may want to call the gun manufactor. Ask them if the serial number is reported stolen.

8. Keep your eye out for HOT equiptment!

9. Its a great idea to buy asset tags for your gear. These tags are made by many stores. These tags will (VOID IF PEELED) You can have your name and number printed on them.

The above 1-9 should be used loosely.

What to do if you've been stolen from...

Say you have sent "Fat Billy" 200.00$ for a Spyder Compact. You had both agreed to this transaction and "Fat Billy" tells you he will have the gun sent as soon as he gets the payment. You send the payment and wait a few weeks and nothing. So you send him a email and get no response. Call him on a phone # he gave you and no one picks up. WELL WHAT DO YOU DO!?

Take these steps in the given order.

1. Keep trying to establish some sort of contact. Chances are you may get through to him, things happen.

2. Email or Call him and tell him he needs to get in touch within a certain time frame. ex. 1 week.

3. If that person does not respond within that time frame, let him know that you believe he is ignoring you.

4. If there is still no contact and you have tried desperatly to contact that person say for a month or more, they may be commiting MAIL FRAUD, which is a felony it is not something that should be taken lightly it is a real crime with a consequence.

5. Yes there is hope for those of you that have been cheated. Here is a link if you have given it your all and have been a victim of mail fraud.

Any emails that you have from the person will be needed to justify your action. As will any other evidence.

Also your local police should be notified about your situation and a police report should be made. Obtain a copy of it for your records.

Selling something that is misleading also falls under Mail Fraud. This can include, Say "Skinny Billy" Posts a thread for a Mint condition 2k2 c&c Angel. You pay for it and it comes and you find out he used it to help him slide into bunkers and its flat out crap. This is also mail fraud and the same step should be used IF you cannot get your money back or whatever you traded.

DO NOT fill out a mail fraud complaint becuase you have waited a week with no response. This is a LAST RESORT and not to be taken lightly.

Sorry, about the Uber long post, but I feel it was necessary.
This all comes from PBN.
Good luck.

Approved by TH1.
YWSM approves also.

For anyone who is interested... I'm still alive.....
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